Gift Planning

1857 Society

We would like to welcome the following new members to the 1857 Society:

Aldo J. Crovetti '51
Frank T. Mohr Jr. '52 and Jean Whyte Mohr '52
John L. Herz '54
Peggy Amaden Nelson '54
Mimi Roth Van Horne '55
Kay Smith Severns '59
Joseph J. Triolo '63 and Katherine Triolo
Helga Seeliger '65
Rick Kolowski '66
Pliny "Chips" Norcross III '66
David E. Wilber '68 and Nancy Judd Wilber '68
Leo J. Ladurini Jr. '68
Marcy Weiss Beck '69
Wolfgang Demmel '69
James M. Micali '69
Ronnie G. Tobin '69
Susan Katz Hoffman '70
Judy Habegger Weigel '70
Dale Weingart Lee '70
Warrette Schuller Davis '71 and Carl A. Davis
Gene Harmon III '71
Sheila Markin Nielsen '71 and Arthur C. Nielsen III
Lydia Deshler Stang '71 and James C. Stang
Anne Noble Bonk '72 and Barry Bonk
Dennis R. Nyren '72 and Suzanne Zeddies Nyren '73
Peggy Aagesen Rouh ’73 and Charles F. Rouh
Samuel F. Saracino '73
Carol Gram Deane '74
Nathaniel E. Williams '74 and Annette Williams
David Z. Beecher '80
Ralph W. Kunzmann '86 and Mary Jo Casaletto Kunzmann '88
Douglas H. Adolph London '07
Katherine E. Dietze P'15 and William H. Heyman
William B. Martin and Yvonne C. Martin
Carol Blomquist
Robert D. Krebs and Anne E. Krebs
John Schuh and Linda Schuh

indicates deceased




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