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    Life-income gifts can provide donors with an income stream, tax savings, and the satisfaction of providing Lake Forest College with long-term resources.

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Welcome to Gift Planning

Since its founding in 1857, Lake Forest College has benefited from the generosity of alumni and friends. At its inception, the College received thousands of dollars from members of the Presbyterian community who founded both the school and the town of Lake Forest. Over the next 160 years, local residents established a tradition of including the College in their estate plans. Gradually, alumni have also made bequests, established annuities, or created trust agreements that included Lake Forest College as a beneficiary.

Making a planned gift is a wonderful way to show your support and appreciation for Lake Forest College while still meeting your personal, financial, and retirement goals. With smart planning, you may actually increase the size of your estate and/or reduce the tax burden on your heirs. At the same time, you will have the satisfaction of making a meaningful contribution to Lake Forest College.

Life Stage Gift Planner™

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Learn which type of gift may be appropriate at your stage of life.

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Gifts That Pay You Income

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Life-income gifts can provide an income stream, tax savings, and the satisfaction of benefiting Lake Forest College.

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Leave a Legacy Though Your Will

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Bequests allow you to secure an estate-tax deduction for the value of your gift.

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ACCESS | Why We Give

  • Fred Broda

    "The school has meant a lot to me after I left. The bequest is a way to say thanks on a permanent basis."

    Fred Broda '68 
  • Katherine and Joseph Triolo

    "I learned a lot about teaching in the Navy, but Lake Forest College gave me the identity I needed to become a productive civilian," says Joe.

    Katherine and Joseph "Joe" '63 Triolo 
  • Marsha Anderson

    "Because I believe in this place and in gratitude for all that it gave to me and all that I have found useful my whole life. "

    Marsha Anderson ’68 
  • Wendy Dietze

    "Without the faculty, you don’t have much of an educational institution. They are the core of it all. I’ve seen so many wonderful instances of professors working one-on-one with students and the pride they take in their students’ accomplishments."

    Wendy Dietze P’15 
  • David Gorter

    "Isn’t it the duty of every alum to give? You got something and now you need to pay it forward. Invariably there were teachers and students who affected you in some way. You want to be proud of your institution. One of the ways you can help the cause is to continue to give."

    David Gorter ’80 
  • Jim Hunter

    "Lake Forest College is an excellent school, and it deserves our support. Anybody who feels strongly about liberal arts education—certainly those of us who went there—should support the College."

    Jim Hunter ’71 

ACCESS | Why We Give

  • John and Paula Lillard

    "We’re going to be in a position, if we build the endowment, to give a lot more scholarships and help students receive an education at the College. We can’t do that well without an adequate endowment."

    John and Paula Lillard 
  • Tom Livermore

    "Lake Forest College is a school where I feel I can make even a small contribution and have an impact, so I try to give my support in the best way possible for the school."

    Tom Livermore ’70 
  • Bill Lowry

    "I fully recognize I will never give back to Lake Forest College everything I’ve gained—but I absolutely resolve to try. Supporting the Campaign is just one way to give back something."

    Bill Lowry ’84 
  • David C. Wiers

    "My wife and I are advocates for and supporters of higher education. A strengthened endowment and, specifically, endowed scholarships are ways in which we can ensure the brightest of futures for Lake Forest College and guarantee that the College will stay true to its mission. Endowed scholarships invest in our collective future—to create a better tomorrow for the next generation of students."

    David C. Wiers 
  • Dave and Nancy Wilber

    "Lake Forest College played a significant role in our lives and in preparing us for successful careers. We are longtime donors to the College and have helped to establish two endowed scholarships. While we are not part of the ‘one percent’ who can make a seven- or eight-figure gift, we are able to make a six-figure contribution in the form of a planned gift."

    Dave and Nancy Wilber ’68 

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