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Join the 1857 Society

Join the 1857 Society

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Susan Katz Hoffman

“I went to Lake Forest College on scholarship because my dad was an out-of-work truck driver, and I feel like I’m just returning the investment that the College made in me.”

- Susan Katz Hoffman ’70

Meet Our Donors

Donna Merrill and Sam Stout

Donna Merrill and Sam Stout, both ’68, met at Lake Forest College and have maintained lifelong friendships in a class that is so tight it is jokingly referred to as a “cult.”

Meet Our Donors

Meet Our Donors

“Lake Forest College exposed me to a much wider array of diversity and afforded me the opportunity to manifest leadership qualities that may otherwise have been latent or not exercised in prior academic settings,” Russell says.

- Rosalind Curry ’70 and Russell ‘69 Jackson

Meet Our Donors

Welcome to Gift Planning

Since its founding in 1857, Lake Forest College has benefited from the generosity of alumni and friends. At its inception, the College received thousands of dollars from members of the Presbyterian community who founded both the school and the town of Lake Forest. Over the next 160 years, local residents established a tradition of including the College in their estate plans. Gradually, alumni have also made bequests, established annuities, or created trust agreements that included Lake Forest College as a beneficiary.

Making a planned gift is a wonderful way to show your support and appreciation for Lake Forest College while still meeting your personal, financial, and retirement goals. With smart planning, you may actually increase the size of your estate and/or reduce the tax burden on your heirs. At the same time, you will have the satisfaction of making a meaningful contribution to Lake Forest College.

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